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Driving Sushil Handa's vision for supporting potential entrepreneurs and promoting the entrepreneurship ecology globally.
Incubating potential entrepreneurs
FifthVeda entrepreneurs partners with leading schools of management to set up incubation models for potential entrepreneurs and encourage their business initiatives. We provide support in the form guidance & mentorship, and sharing of capabilities and resources.
Supporting micro-entrepreneurship
As part of our larger vision for contributing to nation building, we focus on micro-entrepreneurship as a propeller for grassroots wealth creation and economic progress, and are open to partner with organizations, institutions as well as government agencies working in this sector.
Initiating projects
We endeavor to enhance the entrepreneurship ecology around the world by supporting global projects related to entrepreneurship. We partner with institutions to develop infrastructure for entrepreneurship growth, and invite other organizations to join us, and roll-out specific projects related to entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship research and recognition
Furthering our dedicated aim to develop academic awareness related to entrepreneurship globally, we focus on engineering enterprise related academic research. FifthVeda Center for Excellence is also planning to initiate an award that recognizes achievements and advancements made by academicians in this domain.
We invite potential entrepreneurs, students, organizations and institutions to contact us at, and learn more about our various initiatives at the Center for Excellence.